Hotel development

As a Tribute Portofolio / Marriott Hotel, with unique views of the Mediterranean Sea and Ibiza’s natural heritage, Hotel Riomar is a modern boutique lifestyle hotel designed for rest, to re-energise and to immerse into an environment of leisure and serenity.

We took the design intent of all 116 guestrooms and added our experience and expertise to embody a refined modernist accommodation, where appearance should be determined by purpose. We don’t believe minimalism is an impossible dream. The outcome induces a calmer state of mind, nourishing the ideas and inspiration of the modern traveller whilst conveying a laid-back luxury through use of a minimal colour palette.

With the obvious exception of the guest rooms themselves, a hotel’s Lobby is one of the most important area in your hotel, focused on offering a striking first impression.

Riomar’s Lobby is designed around the circulation space, contributing to a wide and spacious area, where the furniture is almost always side-lined, for the easy movement of guests and management alike. The Lobby extends to the outdoor terrace, where guests can enjoy life under the sun and relax beside the pool.

You only have one first chance to make one first impression that lasts a lifetime. You never get a second chance to make a first impression with the heart of a hotel. Only three things remain irretrievable at Riomar hotel: the sun, the sea and its lobby’s first impression.