These are the top umbrella keywords that guide George, the (knowledge.) mastermind behind AGREGADO union ethical functionality and that comes as a natural (action.) response from his vast experience to various needs, providing an R&D value through knowledge and attachment (love.) to own pursuit of understanding, addressing both classical and vividly fresh designs and concepts, structuring the works on a different, more efficient scale.

Having more than 20 years international work and technical acquired experience and gifted with a unique and abiding curiosity about how things work, George knows how to forge, weld and bend the metal, he’s close friend with all types of wood essences, he’s commanding glass and honeycomb airborne acoustics, he’s director of the CNC build, he masters the water, he’s taming the stone, he’s managing the flame spread and speed via ECU microprocessors or Magnesium Oxide chemistry.


George actions are loyal to the true values of skilled craftsmanship, blending old school elements and 21th-century solutions, both natural and aesthetically artificial. For better solutions and smarter outputs, constant development and focused research remain George’s very core activity, enabling the beauty and simplicity of technical creation crosslinked with utility and ergonomic extent.